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Why Synthetic?

Whitehill Manufacturing designs and manufactures a wide variety of high performance synthetic rope products.

This is a question primarily asked in respect to synthetic lines versus steel lines. Below are some interesting characteristics regarding the performance of synthetic lines. Overall synthetic lines are more versital, cause less injuries, are less detremental to the environment, last longer and are significantly lighter when comparing at identical strength.

  • Synthetic lines are as strong as steel, on average five times lighter and easier to handle and are much less likely to cause injuries due to handling and weight.
  • Synthetics are more buoyant then steel and can be designed to float or buoyant neutral for water applications.
  • Synthetic lines can be designed to be UV resistant and require no lubricants or maintenance oils that would be detrimental to the environment.
  • Synthetic lines will last as long if not longer than steel if cared for properly. Many synthetics are also heat and fire resistant.

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