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The decision to purchase an overall jacket or overbraid is important. The primary intention of the overbraid is to provide an additional layer of abrasion-resistance and protection to lines that see frequent handling and mooring operations in ports and terminals that accomodate steel lines. The overbraid protects the lines from the sharp surfaces that are a fact of life when steel lines are used in bitts and chalks. An overbraid will protect your lines as well as chafe gear if not better. However, an overbraid will increase the weight of your lines, the lines diameter and will fill up the winch faster. More care in handling must be observed to avoid "milking" of the overall jacket as well.

Many Heavy Marine companies have seen line life and residual strengh improvements by using an overall jacket the entire length of their Whitehill lines or on the working ends of their lines.

Overbraid jackets come in many sizes and thicknesses based on your constraints and working needs. We also can customize the overall jacket so you can better identify the lines from a service and performance perspective.

Please use the form below to ask specific questions regarding Whitehill's overbraid.

Questions About Overbraid Jackets?

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