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Line Maintance

Dacron cake

Whitehill Manufacturing designs and manufactures a wide variety of high performance rope products that are used on oil tankers, crude carriers, war ships, cargo ships and towing vessels.

From time to time these lines need maintanance and/or repair. Whitehill has included several of the main tools you should have in hand to make repairs and to maintain Whitehill rope products.

  • Dacron (above) comes in twenty pound cakes to be used to serve frayed or ripped outer jackets of Whitehill lines.
  • AD-12 is used on frayed lines, served areas of lines and ends to stop additional fraying and to protect the line from further damage. AD-12 is a heavy duty rubberized latex that comes in several colors (standard color is blue) and is sold by the quart or gallon.
  • Fid is a tool used to assist in the splicing of our lines. It helps open the subropes to tuck tails into a splice. We only sell wooden fids.

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